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About us

RoedelWerk was founded in 2023, an artist collective consisting of various family members: the couple Arjan Ligtelijn and Reggy Bruine de Bruin with their daughters Kyma and Yasja.
After Reggy and Arjan lived on a houseboat in Amsterdam for years, the pack, including four children, moved to the Heuvelland in South Limburg in 2004.
To this day they live there and draw inspiration from the environment.

Arjan Ligtelijn has been a graphic designer, concept developer and art director since 1980 and is currently involved in free and commissioned photography. His work is dynamic, dramatic and narrative.
Reggy Bruine de Bruin started painting in 2015. This was during a period during treatments for breast cancer. She subsequently studied at the art academy in Belgium and subsequently became a professional painter. She is best known for her series of portraits of elderly people with dementia and the homeless, in which she manages to capture the emotion in the image.
Their eldest daughter Yasja graduated from the art academy in Maastricht in 2016 and started her own company a year later, called Studio Yasja. Her work ranges from illustrations, canvases to entire murals. The common thread in her work is that it is often very atmospheric: it can be mysterious, dark and lively.
Their youngest daughter Kyma graduated from Sint-Lucas in Eindhoven and is a professional filmmaker and illustrator. She knows how to capture the atmosphere in her videos and she creates surreal work in terms of illustrations.

Together they develop concepts and photographs are taken that are often used as the basis for paintings and murals.


A pack of creative family members, based in Netherlands. Official since 2023.
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Group exhibition Art'otel Amsterdam

19 januari 2024

Group exhibition Art'otel Amsterdam, organized by Amsterdam Streetart 

Sous terre 01

Sous-Terre Art Fair Appeltern

30 march - 7 april 2024


30-03-2024 t/m 7-4-2024


Gardens of Appeltern


Walstraat 2A, 6629 AD Appeltern, The Netherlands



IMG 20220703 145025

Mural Lofoten Norway

August 2024